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Underwater Crime Scene Investigator Course


Practical training and familiarization with the:

• underwater air lift

• underwater drone

• underwater metal detector (two


• full face mask with communication and video protocols

• Gopro camera for crime scene photography and video

• multiparameter photometer for testing water quality for 12

parameters (pH, dissolved oxygen, copper, phosphorus, phosphate, chlorine, calcium, ammonia,

alkalinity, nitrite)

• sampling and collecting fingerprints

• sampling and collecting blood traces

• applying underwater search patterns

• evidence recovery and preservation with special tubes

• body recovering in water with bodybag (adults, children, animal)



• Introduction to underwater taphonomy

• Preservation of an underwater crime scene

• Role of underwater forensics,

• Underwater forensic traces (detection and collection)

• Underwater crime scene management

• Introduction firearms and explosives

• body recovery


Course duration:

Two days of theory and a minimum of eight intensive confined water and

open-water training dives. After completion of the course, the student will receive international recognized certification.

Prerequisites :

To enroll in the Underwater Crime Scene Investigator course, you must:

- 18 years or older

- Valid dive medical examination within the previous 12 months

- Rescue diver of equivalent certification

You must supply your own scuba gear. All Underwater Crime Scene Investigation equipment will be provided by Pottidiving.
Scuba gear can be rented during the course by Pottidiving. It is also possible to use the accommodation of the institute during your stay.

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